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‚ÄčNuclear Rush Obstacle Course

This is on order, and we are hoping it's here before September!  This obstacle course is two pieces (connected together) making it 57' long!  Super excited for this!  Stayed tuned for updates!


We have an outdoor movie theater on order!  What does it include?  An inflatable screen (17' screen so 12'x12'), two speakers (height adjusts up to 5', connected by bluetooth), and a projector (we bought the #1 rated one) on its stand.

Stayed tuned for pictures! 

How will this work?  Parker Parties will do the complete set up (it gets staked into the ground and will be anchored, weather pending of course) and we will make sure you get up and running (I will help show you how to connect your phone to the projector and I will supply the connecting cord too, or if you have a movie on a USB you can use that too!).  Once it's all a go, I'll then leave so that your family movie can start for you!  I will then come back at the end to do to the take down.  The cost will be $200 for local rentals and it INCLUDES a commercial 16oz popcorn machine!  Want to add a cotton candy or snow machine too?  You can!  

Additional commercial candy machines (snow cone or cotton candy) are just $50 each.  Please note that all candy supplies are extra for what we have available in stock (we sell the supplies at our cost when added to a candy machine rental, if available).

Did I mention Parker Parties does all the cleaning of the machines after too? ;-) 

Remember, we never ask for deposits, and cancellations are always ok.  Movie set ups will always start after 7:30pm.

Message us for more details!