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"4 in 1" Themed Inflatables (with an OUTSIDE slide!)

THEMES: Super Mario World, Pokemon, Star Wars, our generic Party Land Theme  or our generic Parker Parties theme, Minecraft, Roblox, Animal Safari, Unicorn theme, Fortnite, or Birthday Puppies!

Mario World Theme!

Party Land Theme!

Unicorn Theme!

Birthday Puppies!

INFLATALBE SIZE: 17' (L) x 17' (W) x 15' (H)

This has an obstacle section (vertical pylons), a bouncing area with basketball hoop, and a slide!!

Space Required for EACH inflatable: 19' (L) x 19' (W) x 17' (H)

Rental Costs (shoot us a message to ask about our specials; we ALWAYS have specials on, including longer rentals!)

1. 0-30 Users and Closed Event: $250 for up to 3hrs (for dry rentals); $275 for up to 3hrs (if water friendly is wanted)

2. 30+ Users and Closed Event: $275 for up to 3hrs (for dry rentals); $300 for up to 3hrs (if water friendly is wanted)



* This inflatable is considered water friendly.  What does that mean?  The bottom of the slide has a liner to hold water, and as such can act like a pool.  The rental cost is a little more to use water since it adds quite a bit of work on our end after the rental (making sure that the bouncy is 100% dry before it gets rolled up).  An unlimited source of water can't be left on though (say a running hose) or the bouncy not only gets completely saturated but extremely muddy as well.  We ask that the "pool" be filled up (and topped up as often as needed) and then the water source be turned off.  My son uses a small bucket to toss water from the pool up the slide, making it extra fun and slippery ;-)  A perfect place to have this awesome inflatable if the pool will be used, is on a slope (with the pool on the low end of the slope) so that when it's time for clean up, the pool can be emptied with as much water going away from the bouncy as possible.  If there is no slope though, that's ok too!  Just a bonus if there is :-) Because the slide gets super slippery when it has any water, this inflatable is really meant for kids 6+ when the pool is used (it's so easy to go flying!!!) haha.


*To help keep our prices as low as possible (until my son is all trained up with strong arm muscles haha), for this 4in1 specifically, we do ask that the customer supply 1 person with good strength for help with set up, and 1-2 people of good strength for help with take down.

* Parker Parties currently does not charge GST


1. Please note that Parker Parties follows all AHS protocols. As an extra safety precaution, all inflatables will be quarantined for a minimum of 3 days between uses, in additional to the inside being wiped down with lysol wipes after use (Parker Parties will supply the customer the wipes)

2. Parker Parties employee (more than likely me folks haha) will wear a face mask at all times during the set up and take down

3. Because cancellations are 100% ok, please please please let us know the morning of (or anytime before we arrive) if someone isn't feeling well so that we can reschedule your fun day (whatever deal you had, we will honour for the reschedule)

4. To help get your kids outside, our 2021 Special is unlimited time for dry rentals between 10am-6pm for local rentals (within 10kms of Lethbridge) at no extra cost. For this 4in1 alone (dry), the extra 5hrs is valued at $120, so free is a great deal!!! For our awesome out of town customers, we can honour this deal too, but would need to charge an additional travel fee. Let's get our kids lots of fresh air this year! <3 (want to use the bottom of the slide as a pool?  For water friendly rentals, we are offering an extra 2hrs at no cost making it a 5hr rental for rentals that end by 6pm, which is valued at $100!)